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#iamnatugeek: Meet Aisyah, Business Development & Media

Full Name: Aisyah Almashoor
Location: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Occupation: Business Development and Media
Skin Type or Concerns: Dry Skin
Life Motto: Everything happens for a reason

Fun Fact:

I had a thing for odd numbers. For example, the TV or radio volume has got to be at an odd number. Even numbers made me uneasy.


Everyone has their own way of finding comfort. What is your form of self-care?

I shop. Cliche, I know, but I believe in spending for myself, be it for skincare, clothes or food helps me celebrate myself for all my hard work. Self care is self love after all.


My Skin Journey 

I don't have much problem with my skin to be honest. However, I only realized the only issue that I have been facing is I suffer from dry skin. It started when I was in my early 20s- especially during the time I was studying in the UK. I had dry patches on my cheeks and on the edges of my nose, of which became worse in winter.

The dry climate definitely didn't help, and I had no idea how to fix it. Simply said that my knowledge about skin care was subpar- that I thought moisturizers were all the same, that they were only branded differently.

Then, as I grew older only did I know that I need to pay attention to what I put on my skin, i.e. the ingredients in my skin care. I have always been a fan of minimal steps skin care routine (as a Chemistry graduate I had a slight paranoia of playing chemist on my skin, God knows what kind of reaction you'd get when you over-layering those active ingredients from 12 different products) so when I found out about Natugee's minimal steps routine and its ethos of using only premium natural ingredients, I was sold right away and stayed for good.


Skin Care Products I Can’t Live Without

Can't live without Advanced Vitamin C Serum. My skin just "drinks" it up. Thanks to its lightweight texture, this serum quickly absorbs into the my without leaving any sticky feeling.

It is the bomb dot com. I've never thought I needed a serum in my routine, but like what people usually say- you don't know you need it until you've tried it.

I used to think that cleansing-toning-moisturizing was enough, but I realized that as I approach my mid 30s, I needed to incorporate serum to help me regenerate damaged skin. I wish I knew about the wonders of a good serum can do to your skin earlier, but hey- I have found a gem and guess it is never too late to help nourish my skin.


My Current Skincare Routine

I am a loyalist when it comes to skin care. Perhaps having almost no issue of breakouts or any serious skin condition made me tilted towards the "almost paranoid" side; avoiding over-layering skin care and trying new products (especially OEM, questionable brands that are available everywhere on Instagram and Facebook). I just didn't want to risk any damage to my skin so I stuck with these:

  1. I am very particular on having my skin cleansed twice daily, and I swear on not falling asleep with makeup on.
  2. An exfoliating + hydrating toner to prep my skin for optimum absorption of the essence and serum
  3. Essence, followed by Advanced Vitamin C Serum
  4. Moisturizer

I'd usually top off with a sunscreen 30 minutes before going out.


What #SmartAging Means to Me

Smart-Aging to me means living happier, wiser and taking things one at a time. Dealing with the world in a more calm and collective manner, and making smart choices.


What is the most empowering thing about being in your field?

I get to educate, empower and build a community of women who aspire to improve their health and wellness holistically.

What's the biggest mistake you think women do with their skin?

When women use harsh physical scrub. Your skin is not wood, so why trying to "smoothen" it by using products equivalent to a sandpaper? It will only lead to micro tears and accelerated a premature ageing. A huge no-no.


What one tip for anyone looking to change their skin care products?

Don't jump into any hype without doing your own research. Find a skincare that is gentle and natural. Your skin will thank you later. 😊


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