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Is your skin dry or dehydrated?

Many are confused about dry skin and dry skin due to dehydration.

Among the main differences are:

  • Dry skin is due to lack of oil or lipid.
  • Dehydrated skin is also due to lack of water in the stratum corneum (top layer of the skin).

Dry skin types are genetic and permanent. However, you can improve the texture of this dry skin. First, dry skin types can be improved by using facial care products that contain ingredients such as botanical oil. Avoid foaming facials and ingredients such as SLS as it will dry the natural oils on the face. Medicines that treat acne problems can also reduce oil production in the face and cause the skin to dry.

Natugee uses a gentle facial cleanser, and the result will be soft and moist. This is because of natural ingredients such as high raspberry oils with anti-oxidants, sunflower oils and castor oils.

This dehydrated skin problem may also occur in oily skin and combination. Often the problem arises because the skin barrier has been damaged, weather changes, stress and also due to lack of sleep problems.

Features of dry and dehydrated skin.
Examples of dry skin characteristics are like texture problems:
(1) Rough,
(2) Scaly
(3) Dry

Dehydrated skin features:
(1) Looks dull
(2) Tense and rough feeling
(3) Sensitive
(4) Fine lines are obvious
(5) The effects of ageing such as sagging skin and wrinkles.

The cause of the skin becomes dehydrated.

Among the causes of dehydrated skin are:
(1) Sunlight.
(2) UVA is a significant factor that can affect the skin, improve the ageing process, cause skin dehydration, increase free radicals in the cells and damage skin texture.
(3) Hot water bath.
(4) Age factor.

The higher the age, the more difficult it is to maintain high levels of skin moisture. When age increases, the cell turnover will become slower, and the structural changes in the skin will also cause more dehydration. Dehydrated skin will cause skin texture to become rough and clearer.

What do you need to do?
What do you need to do when you have dehydrated skin problems?
Drinking plenty of water is essential.

Skin is the largest organ, so it's important to use quality ingredients to maintain moisture. Use moisturisers and serums that use the right ingredients that can keep water in the skin.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle along with the right face care routine will help your skin become radiant and beautiful.

Additionally, you can eat foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Studies show that nutrients found in flaxseed, legumes and fish can reduce inflammation and help strengthen membrane cells as well as enhance the ability of cells to store water.

Try to reduce the consumption of caffeine and alcohol. Every intake of caffeine and alcohol will cause the body to lose the same amount of water.

Natugee provides high-performance solutions for dry and dehydrated skin problems. Anti-Aging Power Moisturizer is made from natural oils and other high-performance materials that can:
(1) Helps moisturise and re-fix the skin barrier
(2) Reduce water loss to the environment (transepidermal water loss- TEWL)
(3) Help increase collagen production.
(4) See the full list of ingredients at

Natugee Skin Chef,
Rena Rifaee.

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