Natugee Premier Set

Natugee Premier Set

Natugee Premier Set

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This package comes in a premium white multipurpose wood box. It consists of:Deep Cleansing Lotion 50ML,Advanced Vitamin C Treatment 15ML ,Power Moisturizer 15ML

First Step

Use Deep Cleansing Lotion as the first step to gently cleanse your face. This harmonious combination of botanical and advanced actives gently exfoliates, hydrates, softens and brightens.

It melts into pores for deep but gentle removal of daily grime, lifting out impurities and soothing the skin as it rebalances the skin’s natural pH for fantastic comfort and radiance. Brightening Papaya Extract and Raspberry Oil, which target and combat hyperpigmentation, are blended with powerful age spot reduction, skin lightening, and barrier repair vitamin B3 to boost the production of ceramides and fatty acids, and replenish the skin’s natural oil.

To use, pour a coin size amount on the palm, massage gently and thoroughly onto damp skin using circular motions upward. Rinse off with water.

Second Step

Use Advanced Vitamin C treatment as a second step after the cleanser. This treatment works in a three-step approach: Brighten, Regenerate and Protect.

Working at the surface, it Brightens as it lightens scars and discoloration, revealing the skin’s natural clarity.

On the epidermal level, vitamin C activates collagen Regeneration within the skin cells and recovers the skin’s elasticity and resilience, resulting in a youthful radiance that glows from within.

Simultaneously, the treatment Protects your skin by defending against future pigmentation issues and collagen degradation.

It is a multi-action serum treatment with skin-brightening, pigment-lightening and anti-aging botanical extracts, actives and potent doses of vitamin C to target uneven skin tone with spots, scars or other types of hyperpigmentation.

It reverses discoloration to restore youthful radiance and suppleness to the skin (vitamin C has been clinically proven to brighten dull and pigmented skin visibly).

Vitamin C is a potent anti-oxidant, neutralizes free radicals to slow down skin’s aging and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, brightens age spots, freckles, melasma and other types of hyperpigmentation.

How to use?

Apply onto cleaned face and neck. For best absorption, apply it when the skin is slightly damp. Massage using circular motions upward and lightly pat the face with fingers.

For best result use after Deep Cleansing Lotion and before Anti-Aging Power Moisturizer.

Use morning and night.

Third Step

Use Anti-Aging Power Moisturizer after the serum for a tighter, firmer, smoother, brighter, younger-looking skin. This moisturizer does it all – refresh, rejuvenate, revitalize, restore. It is packed with doses of potent anti-aging ingredients so powerful, to rehydrate tired, dull skin, and to reduce signs of aging.

Complex blends of numerous powerful botanical extracts and potent actives deliver a rescue and repair fusion team to work from within the cellular levels of the skin. It is a light-weight formula that sinks quickly into the skin.

This moisturizer is designed as the ultimate cream to combat comprehensive signs of aging so you can achieve supple, firm, radiant, younger-looking skin that genuinely glows from within.

How to Use?

Apply to damp skin for proper absorption of the serum. Massage using circular motions upward and lightly pat the face with fingers.

For best result use with Deep Cleansing Lotion and Advanced Vitamin C Treatment.

Apply morning and night

Customer Reviews

Anti Aging Power Moisturizer

Natugee- products
love the organic skin care. especially anti aging power moisturizer...
after apply before sleep, I can feel my skin still much moisture when wake up the morning.

Theresa Lim

replenish my natugee

I love the natural product natugee.It helps my skin supple and reduces wrinkles.thank you

Sadiah Ismail

Great Product

I love this product cos its organic. The smell is very calm too. It's my 2nd purchase.This time bought the premier package.
It's quite pricey though for 15ml moisturizer and Vit c. I would love to buy this product continuously if the price could be reduced.
As for the mug, I was disappointed that I received a broken mug. Waiting for a new one to arrive. Could improve on the packaging.


Simply superb

I love this package a lot because there are only 3 simple steps to follow but gave an amazing result. Suitable for a person with a lazy skincare routine like me. My skin feels smooth. No more dry patches. My favourite out of these 3 is definitely the Deep Cleansing Lotion. I love its foamless property (because foam cleanser tends to dry out my skin), the smell and of course, the result it gave me. It clears my skin of dryness even before I used the Vitamin C and moisturiser.

Afifah Sukarneva

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Author's name

Natugee Face care

Its been 3 days using the facial care from Natugee. It works wonder, I can feel the softness and can see the glowing on my face.. Love the facial mask.! Will continue to use it and see what other miracle it can do to my face.
Also I am happy with the consultant, Shawn for his guidance. Thanks Shawn.

Wahida Mohd Eusoof

Change my skin

When my beautician started to see improvement and compliment my skin, I know I will be your regular customer..... I’m more confident to walkout of the house with just my moisturizer, sunscreen and lips balm

Lily Hosey

Anti Aging Power Moisturiser

I love how it blend into my skin.
Non- greasy Non-shiny


Deep Cleasing Lotion and Anti-Aging Power Moisturizer.

I'm consistent with the Natugee Deep Cleasing Lotion but when i started using Anti-Aging Power Moisturizer within this few days , wow can see the different of my skin , feels so radiant and smooth, my acne begin to deep down healing and my pores became smaller , so miracle product i really love it and do not stop from ordering again , thank you for the recommendation of this Natugee .

Mariam Buang