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RM630.00 MYRRM630.00 MYR

"The product is superb. The tone color of my face becomes even after a week of using the product. The face looks smoother and brighter." - Aszlinda

Who said treating yourself has to be a special occasion?

Now is your chance to enjoy all Natugee products in the comfort of your home.



Your 3-step routine for restoring skin clarity and radiance - this is the ultimate skinvestment.

This package comes in a luxury white multipurpose wood box. Great for gifts!

It consists of:

  • Deep Cleansing Lotion 50ML
  • Advanced Vitamin C Treatment 15ML
  • Power Moisturizer 15ML
  1. Start with our favorite hack for instant glow: apply Deep Cleanser onto dry skin, and massage your skin upwards. Rinse off with water thoroughly.
  2. Massage Advanced Vitamin C Serum onto face & neck to target discoloration and brighten skin,
  3. Finish with Power Moisturizer to lock in complete skin nourishment.

☑ Our plant-powered formulas are designed to deliver the highest level efficacy for deep skin nourishment.

☑ Every ingredient in Natugee has been hand-selected to soothe, renew and protect your skin.

☑ Our products are highly concentrated that a very minimal amount is needed for effectiveness.


RM630.00 MYRRM630.00 MYR


  • How long does one bottle last?

    On average, our full-sized products 15ml (serum and moisturizer) and 50 ml cleanser products last 60 to 90 days with daily use.

    Our travel-size can last 14 to 21 days with regular use. Of course, this depends on the product dosage used daily. 

    All of our products have a PAO (Period-After-Opening) symbol located on its respective carton which can be referenced for specific shelf lives after first use.

  • Is it normal to break out after using our products?

    This depends on the person. Some people go through a “purging” stage after incorporating Vitamin C into their routine, and some don’t.

    Our products, especially Advanced Vitamin C treatment can accelerate the skin’s cellular turnover rate, which results in a mannerism that almost pulls underdeveloped pimples to the surface faster.

    If you are patient and see the process through, there will be light at the end of the tunnel!

  • Can the products change colour?

    All of our products can be used for 12 months after opening. When remained sealed, they maintain a 24-month lifespan.

    However, we recommend using Advanced Vitamin C Serum regularly once it opened as exposure for Vitamin C based products can compromise product efficacy over time.

    All Natugee products are free of artificial coloring, so the color of the products may vary from batch or even change over time.

    Rest assured, this does not affect the product’s efficacy and remains completely safe for your skin.

    The integrity of the formula can be affected by high heat and exposure to sunlight of air over time.

  • Are Natugee products suitable for sensitive skin?

    Everyone’s skin is different, and many various factors cause skin sensitivity so your skin may react differently to a product than your friends might.

  • I'm pregnant and/or breastfeeding... Can I use your products?

    Your skin’s health is our top priority at Natugee, so we formulate our products to be as safe and as non-irritating as possible for everyone, including expecting and new mothers.

    All of our products are 100% safe for those who are pregnant and breastfeeding.

    That being said, we always recommend our customers to consult with their healthcare provider because every person and every pregnancy are different.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Absolutely won't change anymore!

I am 34years old this year. Year by year I always look at to myself in the mirror.. Feeling horrifying as my skin starting appear the fine line, blackhead and pigmentation.. So this year I try to find the solutions as I stumbled upin about this skincare. Magically after few days, my skin totally feel better than before! I am absolutely will be the fan of this skincare.

Riri Abd. Halim (Bandar Seri Begawan, BN)
superb set!

Before I was only using Deep Cleansing Lotion and Happy Skin Mask as I have my own toner (that I need to finish it off before trying the remaining Natugee's product). About few weeks using this full set, what more I could say, my skin getting better and better each day and I am thankful to invest on it. Next, my mission is to find out how long does it can last. Thank you Natugee for your amazing products.

Lots of love from one of your Natuqueen. xx

Aszlinda Ramli (Kampong Pasir Ris, SG)

Product is superb. Tone colour of my face becomes even after a week using the product. Face looks smoother and brighter. Price could be reduced by changing the packaging into cheaper ones. After all, the packaging would be discarded. By using cheaper packaging it will not involved too much cost to customers.