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Meet The Founder & CEO

Rena Rifaee

"I hope to educate and empower others, especially women, to make healthy choices in their daily skincare products and achieve healthier skin that glows from within.

My main objective is to enhance the quality of life of women by benefitting from the natural ingredients contained in each Natugee product.

The idea of beauty being a source of empowerment is what drives me to continuously improve Natugee and our range of products."

"Natugee started out of my personal nightmare"

When I was living in the UK I had a depression and it made me changed my lifestyle to natural. I started DIY all of my daily products for my household and became a whole new person. 

When we moved back to Malaysia I wanted to maintain my natural regime, but when I went to the “Natural Products” aisle at the pharmacy and looked at the ingredients, I was shocked.

When I study the labels and ingredients, what I saw were only ‘green-washed’ products. That means synthetic ingredients being masked as natural and organic. There was nothing natural about those products at all.

Thus I continued DIY my own products and even shipped ingredients from the UK.

I realized it was so expensive and I can’t find any natural skin care products that give me the results that I desired.

I enrolled in Diploma Organic Skincare in the UK to learn more about formulating effective, natural skin care. 

"My proof of concept was when I developed a special cleanser for my own mother."

She suffered at the time from hyperpigmentation on her face.  She loved trying every new product that came out, and this mix of chemicals only made matters worse.  Only after trying my cleanser, it lightens and cleared up!

And with that, Natugee was born. And that’s the first formulation that became our Deep Cleansing Lotion thousands of women across the Southeast Asia use daily today.

I could never have known this was possible, that I could get this far from the deep mess I was, breaking down in the middle of my stairs in the UK

That will forever be what Natugee stands for - helping women realize their true potential.

Potential that is hidden even from yourself.



**Please keep in mind that results may vary. While testimonials come from our customers, they do not guarantee specific results.