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Based on 63 reviews
Glowbassador Full Package Kit
Absolutely won't change anymore!

I am 34years old this year. Year by year I always look at to myself in the mirror.. Feeling horrifying as my skin starting appear the fine line, blackhead and pigmentation.. So this year I try to find the solutions as I stumbled upin about this skincare. Magically after few days, my skin totally feel better than before! I am absolutely will be the fan of this skincare.

superb set!

Before I was only using Deep Cleansing Lotion and Happy Skin Mask as I have my own toner (that I need to finish it off before trying the remaining Natugee's product). About few weeks using this full set, what more I could say, my skin getting better and better each day and I am thankful to invest on it. Next, my mission is to find out how long does it can last. Thank you Natugee for your amazing products.

Lots of love from one of your Natuqueen. xx

Happy Skin Mask

Good product. Worth the money.

Deep Cleansing Lotion review

It was really good for my combination skin. My skin feels smoother and plumpier after I started using this product. Plus it is organic and cruelty-free!

Happy and Beautiful

Happy Skin Mask just like the name itself. It makes your skin happy and beautiful after using it. Does not require to use everyday guys! Just twice a week and it works more than cleansing! It's time to say goodbye to all the impurities. Oh didn't I mentioned that it could last for months? Yeap! It is! Err feeling a little doubt about it? I would recommend to give it a go. Likewise, thank you Natugee team! xoxo

The Ultimate Mist for Dry Skin

Before I tried the cleanser and the power moisturizer, I tried the face mist first. Truly a game-changer. Won't trade it with anything else. It works wonders on my super dry, rough, flaky skin throughout the night (yes, I sprayed it on my bare face before I went to bed the night I received the product). I woke up with a good feeling that my skin wasn't feeling tight anymore! So, if this mist works, I said to myself, I bet the cleanser and the rest of the products will definitely make a change too! Love, love, love!!!

Just the one I've been looking for.

I was so tempted to buy the full size product, but given the fact my skin is super sensitive, I bought the gift set instead. I'm a very skeptical person when using beauty products. I have very dry skin, especially around the eye & mouth to the point that they feel very tight in the morning and get very rough and flaky. I spend a lot of time in the air-conditioned room, that somehow causes the skin to be very dry. Somehow, using this product has improved my skin tremendously in just a couple days! I love the smell of the cleanser, which reminds me of the facial spa treatment. The power moisturizer, lasted me one whole day with my makeup on. My makeup has never lasted that long without making my eyes look dry and tired whenever I put the concealer on. The fine lines, needless to say, were hardly visible! Boy, I'm glad I gave this one a shot. I'm not scared of ageing but ageing before time?? No-no. So this product, delivers what it says it'll do. Major love! Age smartly, ladies. Pricey, yes. Won't deny that. But it is the ultimate product for me that I don't have to lose money in the process of hunting for products that work on me. Thanks, Natugee!

It worked !

I've only used the mask once but I can already tell the difference! It doesn't irritate my skin and it does cleanse my pores (which is a major point for me). After using it, my skin feels fresh and softer. I'm in awe of the result. 10/10 would definitely recommend this mask to my colleagues.


Alhamdulillah, I love using this Bi Phase Mist. Simply said, it really rejuvenates my skin. My face does feel fresh every time I use it.


Product is superb. Tone colour of my face becomes even after a week using the product. Face looks smoother and brighter. Price could be reduced by changing the packaging into cheaper ones. After all, the packaging would be discarded. By using cheaper packaging it will not involved too much cost to customers.

Naturally Loved

Alhamdulillah, thanks to ALLAH SWT. I have tried this skincare suggested by the owner also a dear friend. The skincare really cleanse and nourish my skin. The most important part it does not irritate the skin. I can spot and feel the difference to my skin. Firmer, smooth and softer..Thanks Reena. Such a great products..Loving it..

Too Good

Packaging was good and most importantly product us just awesome

Deep Cleansing Lotion

Natugee deep cleansing lotion has been my no. 1 priority.

amazing product!

How do I start? I found Natugee via Facebook (I think it was recommended page and pop up at my Home feed) where it was stated with a free give away for 15ml Deep Cleansing Lotion.

At first, I was abit hesitate but after having some thought and reading those positive comments, I choose to give it a try. Amazingly, that tiny bottle could last for a month! Now, my skin are even better! It is so smooth and no more using foundation or concelear, minimal daily make up to put on (eye liner and lipstick) and I am good to go!

Lovely thank you to the Natugee team for their awesome services you have given (ie. handwritten letter, discount voucher, beauty tips and more!) and ofcourse, I am happy to be one of your Natuqueens!

p.s: I am also using Natugee Happy Skin Mask too!

Natugee Face care

Its been 3 days using the facial care from Natugee. It works wonder, I can feel the softness and can see the glowing on my face.. Love the facial mask.! Will continue to use it and see what other miracle it can do to my face.
Also I am happy with the consultant, Shawn for his guidance. Thanks Shawn.

Improve my skin

When my beautician started to see improvement and compliment my skin, I know I will be your no 1 fan.... proven and recommended!!!

Change my skin

When my beautician started to see improvement and compliment my skin, I know I will be your regular customer..... I’m more confident to walkout of the house with just my moisturizer, sunscreen and lips balm

Eliminate Blackhead & Whitehead

Cleansing my pores and impurities. Make my skin firm and brighten. This mask is epic. Best combo with Moisturizer 💯

Deep Cleansing Lotion

My very first time using a product without worrying about causing a broke out on my skin. I can fully stop relying on dermato medicine and just use this cleansing lotion as my daily routine. It feels very smooth on my skin and im addicted to its natural scent whenever I applied it to my skin.

Soft skin

Deep cleaning lotion gives your skin a very soft feeling.

Anti Aging Power Moisturizer

Natugee- products
love the organic skin care. especially anti aging power moisturizer...
after apply before sleep, I can feel my skin still much moisture when wake up the morning.

Advanced Vitamin C Serum Review

I had been using it for the past 2 weeks, I loved how it makes my skin soft. And also blemishes or pimples did not occur on my face after using! It also lighten my pigmentation also. Definetely recommended

Deep Cleansing Lotion

I love this lotion. It leaves ur skin smooth. Love the smell too.

replenish my natugee

I love the natural product natugee.It helps my skin supple and reduces wrinkles.thank you

Great Product

I love this product cos its organic. The smell is very calm too. It's my 2nd purchase.This time bought the premier package.
It's quite pricey though for 15ml moisturizer and Vit c. I would love to buy this product continuously if the price could be reduced.
As for the mug, I was disappointed that I received a broken mug. Waiting for a new one to arrive. Could improve on the packaging.