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Your skin is a reflection of your overall health.

Over the past few years, trends such as the 10- or 12-step skincare routine have overwhelmed some consumers. Simplifying your beauty regime is the best thing you can do for your skin. You really don’t need more than a few key products.

Radiant skin comes with a good diet, hydration and a simplified skincare regime. Here are 4 core differences between a conventional approach to skincare and Natugee approach:

Quick Fix vs Lasting Results

Mainstream focuses on: That there’s a quick fix for any skincare issue – and it always comes in a topical product or surface level treatment.

Natugee focuses on: Long term, gentle, and sustainable steps to healthy skin through a holistic approach that includes topical products but also internal support.

Root causes and triggers of uncomfortable or unbalanced skin are explored rather than counting on “band-aid” (aka temporary) solutions. 

Our approach values the health of our skin because we value the health of our whole body.  Therefore, there’s a focus on ways to support our body as a whole and this, in turn, will support our skin.

Vanity vs Wellness

Mainstream focuses on: The appearance of skin and how visually pleasing it is. It’s a focus on adhering to beauty standards, seeking perfection, and not looking beyond the surface.

Natugee focuses on: The focus is on healthy skin. It’s a focus on wellness rather than vanity.

 Pressure vs Release

Mainstream focuses on: Skin as something to control, manipulate, and focus into submission. The language that implies fighting with your skin for control is common.

Natugee focuses on: Being on the same side as your skin – focusing on what’s good for you and your skin. This includes seeing our skin as a communication tool – our skin helps to communicate with us what’s going on inside (as it’s our largest organ) and communicates with us when the skin’s needs (and for some of us, the needs of our body as a whole) aren’t being met.

Problems vs Mindfulness

Mainstream focuses on: Not always, but often focuses on “ageing” or normal functions of the skin as a problem to solve. 

Natugee focuses on: Wellness, physically, mentally, and emotionally. This includes breaking down the mindsets and messages that bring us anxiety, shame, or feeling of inadequacy around our skin’s appearance or function.